HiroVision glasses adjust to your eyesight, not the other way around

Did you know that 3 out of 10 people are wearing the wrong prescription glasses?

The first pair of corrective glasses were made more than 700 years ago. And not much has changed since then. The design and concept of modern glasses have stayed pretty much the same.

New research shows that wearing glasses of the wrong prescription can seriously damage your eyes.

That’s why Jake Harrison, a renowned eye doctor, started working on adjustable lenses. After 3 and a half years of development, HiroVision was born.

Meet HiroVision

HiroVision glasses are an exclusive frame and lens combination with a compound lens system that enables you to focus on objects at any distance without having to switch glasses.

Dual Lens Technology
Lens Adjuster Dial
Adjustable nose pads
Durable & comfortable frame

How does it work?

It works through a new creation called Dual Lens Technology. This lens system features two thin, wave-shaped “plates” that slide across each other when you turn the adjuster dial on the side of the frame. The position of the two “plates” determines the power of the lens system.

HiroVision glasses are designed to replace all your spare and reading glasses. The power of the lenses can be customized instantly to correct from -6 diopters of nearsightedness to +3 of farsightedness with the simple turn of a dial.

HiroVision Features

HiroVision is the first and only brand that offers Dual Lens Technology. Our unique and patented technology is here to satisfy all wearers of spectacles.

Adjustable Lens Technology

Adjust your vision instantly for any situation. Perfect for reading, driving, watching TV, sports, etc.

Impact Resistant Lenses

HiroVision glasses are sturdy and can easily handle a drop.

High Wearing Comfort

The flexible frame offers maximum comfort and adjusts to your head for a snug fit.

Adjustable Nose Pads

The fully adjustable nose pads offer high wearing comfort.

Scratch Resistant Coating

HiroVision lenses are treated with a special anti-fog & scratch-resistant coating.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning the lenses is super easy. Simply run them under warm water with a drop of soap.

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about HiroVision. Many people all over the world are already using HiroVision’s Dual Lens Technology and shared their experience with us.


These are fantastic. I have a really strong prescription and I can dial it in. My son’s are even stronger and he could make them work for him. I would recommend them for anyone who wears glasses. Put a pair away for emergencies. Take them camping. Anywhere you might have an issue and need a backup pair. Well worth the cost!


Works well. Have you ever had a long day when your normal glasses no longer seemed quite to let you see the TV? The tweakable focus sorts that out. I highly recommend this product!


They look a bit funny but work well. The actual vision is way better than my prescription glasses. You can adjust to reading or infinity for driving. The concept is so good I can’t believe that nobody knows about this technology!


The most amazing glasses. I had cataract surgery…one eye at a time. So, in the 2 weeks between eyes, I needed something to compensate so I could drive a car. These worked. I adjusted one eye to my old setting and one eye to after the cataract setting and they were perfect.


The glasses are working great for me. The frames are quite flexible, so they are less likely to get broken. They even come with a hard case with a soft covering on one side to protect the glasses when being carried.


These are great for the computer at home and work. My monitor is set back fairly far, and I often seem to be just out of focus with traditional glasses. A quick focus tweak and it comes in like a microscope or binoculars. I was always switching to different strength reading glasses. Now you don’t have to. Although these are plastic frames like most sunglasses are, they are actually more comfortable since they are light on your head. You don’t feel discomfort on your nose and ears where they rest.


Who needs to constantly visit an optometrist for glasses all of the time when you have these!! My vision is far from optimal, but these glasses dialed my correct eyesight in a snap. Love it!